Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Announces A New Partnership with Med-On-Site First Aid Support Services.

We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Med-On-Site First Aid Support Services. Med-On-Site provides first-aid support for all kinds of events, with specialized training and experience with sports first-aid including:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Wrestling
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country/Track and many others

Med-on-Site also offers training for the following courses:

  • Standard First Aid
  • Emergency First Aid
  • CPR
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use

This Saturday September 14th will be the official “Med-On-Site Day” at the Western Fair. Be sure to stop by our booth located at the Agriplex building, at the entrance to the rodeo arena and reptile pavilion, (See photo below). You may also want to be near the main concert stage on the midway at around 2:00 pm to watch a one-of-a-kind event!!



Med-On-Site Day

Postcard Front View

Men-On-Site Flyer

We hope to see you there!!


Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Expanding To London!!!

We are very pleased to announce our expansion into the London market. Talbot Trail Physiotherapy has entered into a partnership with the Spinal Decompression Centre to open a new 4,000 sq. ft. facility to be called Peak Mobility – Advanced Rehabilitation and Pain Centre, at 395 Southdale Rd, East. (at Jalna Blvd). The location provides a high traffic area with a Shoppers Drug Mart, Dove Dental Centre and the Southdale Family Medical Centre. To book your appointment please call (519) 850-7321.

In addition to physiotherapy services, the new clinic will offer state-of-the art technology with spinal decompression, laser therapy, hand therapy, chiropractic therapy, concussion therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, orthotics and custom bracing.


We’re excited to announce that construction is finally done!!! Jason’s first day of treating patients will be Thursday, September 5th. Here are a few pictures of how fantastic the clinic looks. Keep your eyes open for our official Grand Opening!

London Unity

Our signs are up and ready for business!!!

Front  Desk London

Front desk reception area

London Unit Hallway

Hallway from the waiting room leading to the physiotherapy area at the back.

Waiting Room London Unit

The waiting room with our vibrant red/grey combo

Physiotherapy Area London Unit

The physiotherapy area decorated with Talbot Trail Physiotherapy…lime.

Acupuncture room London Unit

Acupuncture room

Massage Room London Unit

Massage therapy room with open ceiling

Hallway to Front Desk London Unit

Hallway leading from the physiotherapy area to the front desk area

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Launches Its Own Brand Of Bracing Products

Following months of research and development, Talbot Trail Physiotherapy is proud to introduce its own line of innovative ultra high quality braces and supports for rehabilitation, pain management and physiotherapy needs. Our products include a full range of upper and lower extremity bracing with features including:

  • Form-fit construction with lightweight, durable latex-free fabric.
  • Soft, comfort-lined interior that is extremely breathable.

Guided by our company mission, we provide easy access to cost effective and efficient physiotherapy, rehabilitation and wellness products and services, utilizing the latest technology and evidence-based clinical practice.

Patients can now rely on the same high quality standards of braces and supports, as they have come to expect from our physiotherapy services.

Hand in Brace

Don’t forget, Talbot Trail Physiotherapy also provides in-house biomechanical assessments, delivering state-of-the-art orthotics using the latest foot-mapping technology.

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Has A Great Day On The Course with Titleist Performance Institute Certified Professionals

We couldn’t have ordered more beautiful weather for the Titleist Performance Institute Day at the St. Thomas Golf and Country Club.

Take a look at some of the photos with participants getting golf-specific fitness, golf health, and golf swing biomechanics expertise from the pro’s. They also received hints, tips and exercises on strengthening, flexibility, posture and alignment to improve skills, maximize performance and prevent injury.

golf exercises

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Chiropractor, Tyler Fletcher, provides some introductory exercises before everyone hits the course.

golf strengthening

Tyler and personal trainer Chad Mahovlich review some hints and tips for strengthening.

golf volunteer

A brave volunteer gets some quality one-on-one time with the pro’s.

golf gaming

St. Thomas Golf and Country Club pro, Andrew Pearson, reviews each person’s Titleist Performance Institute analysis profile that was emailed to all participants.

people on golf course

Everyone is split into groups to take advantage of all the expertise from the pros.

golf exercises

Tyler takes everyone through some group exercises designed to cut strokes off the game, increase strength and improve posture.

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Welcomes Medical Students To Learn From The Best

Over the years, Talbot Trail Physiotherapy has became a valuable training ground for medical students from around the country. In addition to getting real-life exposure to patients in a busy clinical setting, students get a first-hand look at the reality of patient care with a variety of medical conditions. Students have also mentioned that our clinics are unique with our interactions with Family Doctors, Orthopaedic surgeons, Rheumatologists and other healthcare specialties.

Medical students appreciate assignments in our clinical setting, as it illustrates how a multi-disciplinary medical team work together to get the best possible patient outcomes. With the best that technology has to offer, students can also witness how technology combines with superior therapy, exercise and other interventional techniques to help patients reach their optimum level of physical function in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

Take a look at some of our recent medical students at the clinic…

two people

Physiotherapist Christy Taunton treats a patient while medical student Jeff Friesen looks on to enrich his education by learning from Christy with her years of experience and her speciality in women’s health issues.

in the gym

Christy and medical student Tanya Kuper take a break in the gym area to discuss patient outcomes.

Aylmer Makes The Move To New Location

There has certainly been a lot of construction activity over the past few months in Aylmer as the East Elgin Family Health Team and Talbot Trail Physiotherapy take up their new residences!! Thank you to everyone for your understanding and cooperation during this growth period.

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy is now located in the middle building at 418 Talbot Street West. If you would like further information on the clinic and/or the range of effective treatment options, please call (519) 773-7400.

Check out the new digs!!!
IMG_2109 (1)

Blenheim Clinic Expansion Moving Fast!!!

Construction is proceeding very well with the expansion of the Blenheim clinic. Builders say we’re looking at an August opening!!! Check out the photos’ below…
construction 2

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy in Blenheim Is Growing!!!

Our rapid growth in the community means we need to expand the clinic area to welcome patients with added parking and additional room for work space and equipment.

This added space means that more people from throughout Chatham-Kent will be able to experience the variety of progressive treatment options offered at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy to ensure they achieve their maximum level of physical function for optimal life-long mobility.

Check out the photos to see the progress…


The clinic area will be extended into the current parking lot to increase work space by an additional 640 sq. ft.


This building will be removed to make way for an enlarged parking area.


The Big Dig Begins!!!


The guys are moving full steam ahead to meet our completion date in July 2013 so that we can help more people reach their goals in health and well-being!!


Treatment programs at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy are designed to accelerate healing and return the patient to their optimal level of physical function in the shortest period of time. Our dedicated team of health care professionals believe patients should see measurable, objective results from one visit to the next. The success of our continued growth is the result of our patients success.

In The News

Times Journal Front Page

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Makes Front Page News!!

Physio office reports of apparent email scam


St. Thomas Police Const. Jason Geddes, left, and Talbot Trail physiotherapist Chris Streib view an email on a computer at the Talbot Trail clinic in St. Thomas. The clinic was recently targetted in a credit card scam. (Ben Forrest, Times-Journal)

A St. Thomas physiotherapy clinic is trying to spread the word about an apparent email scam after a fraudster allegedly tried to lure the clinic into charging thousands of dollars to a stolen credit card.

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy says it was contacted last month by someone who claimed he was working on an oil rig off the coast of Iraq and was planning to vacation in St. Thomas with nine other workers.

The workers claimed they would need physiotherapy during their visit and asked Talbot Trail to charge $9,000 to a stolen credit card, said St. Thomas Police Const. Jason Geddes.

Through an email exchange, the worker asked Talbot Trail to keep $2,000 but deposit the remaining $7,000 into another bank account for their travel adviser to use for plane and/or hotel travel costs, Geddes said.

The second bank account likely belonged to the fraudster and had the transactions gone through, Talbot Trail could have been on the hook for the entire amount, Geddes said.

Talbot Trail could have been required to return the $2,000 it collected plus the $7,000 difference, Geddes said

“We’re just trying to protect people and educate them that there are people out there trying to take advantage of them,” Geddes added.

“Sometimes people get their money back, but oftentimes they don’t. We can be talking about thousands of dollars.”

While $9,000 might not be much to charge for some services and products, that figure was what threw Talbot Trail off initially, said owner Chris Streib.

“You’re going to be living at our physio clinic for a year,” Streib said in an interview. “That’s a lot of physio.”

Once the fraudster got into details about how the transaction would work, Streib’s “Spidey senses” went off, he said.

The company then contacted the police and the St. Thomas and District Chamber of Commerce, he said.

Now the company is trying to get the word out in case fraudsters target others in the community.

While St. Thomas Police have dealt with cheque overpayment frauds that work in a similar way, Geddes said he hadn’t seen this particular fraud before.

The force keeps a record of scams and then goes out and educates the public, he advised.

“This is something we’re going to add to our binder to show people that it exists, and to be aware of it,” he added.

If other businesses are contacted in a similar scam, they can call St. Thomas Police at 519-631-1364 or visit the federal government’s online anti-fraud centre at

“If your Spidey senses go on, usually there’s something not right,” Geddes said.

“So call us, and we can let you know exactly what you’re dealing with and put it out there to everybody.”

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Launches Grand Saltwater Pool Re-Opening Ceremony!!

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy at the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital was a busy place last Friday as people from throughout southwestern Ontario filled the clinic and pool area to celebrate the grand re-opening of our heated saltwater pool. The ice cream was also a big hit as we served pralines and cream and gold medal ribbon ice cream to keep everyone cool in the heat!!!!

Therapeutic pool at St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital reopens

It’s back to heated comfort at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy

The physiotherapy clinic, housed inside St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital, held a grand re-opening celebration Friday for its therapeutic saltwater pool.

Staff shut down the pool last fall after discovering a heating system problem.

Instead of simply fixing the malfunction, staff took the opportunity to do more extensive work which included re-grouting the pool.

Aquatic programs have been up and running since the beginning of January, along with physiotherapy in the pool, but staff officially reopened the pool with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“The people who were in the pool prior now really notice the difference,” Talbot Trail owner and physiotherapist Chris Streib said.

Though Talbot Trail and the hospital operate relatively independently from one another and the physiotherapy clinic is responsible for pool upkeep, the hospital funds maintenance projects like this one.

STEGH president Paul Collins joined Streib at the pool reopening and told clients in attendance he looks forward to many years of community service.

“I think it’s a tremendous opportunity to invest in the community, to upgrade this pool or at least get it back to where it was and even better for the longer term,” he said, adding his own granddaughter learned to swim in the pool through one of Talbot Trail’s swimming classes.

Collins and Streib were joined by Walter Gretzky, father of Canadian hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

“Isn’t that a beautiful pool? I’ve never seen a beautiful pool like that.”

Retired St. Thomas resident Michelle Elliott, on the other hand, said she’s very familiar with the pool.

Elliott said she took about two months worth of physiotherapy in the pool after knee replacement surgery.

She said the staff at Talbot Trail were phenomenal, didn’t rush her, thoroughly answered her questions and the water made it easy for her to recuperate.

“It’s nice to know that for that hour you can actually do something and feel good about doing it and know that it’s helping and know that, as long as you keep it up and continue with it, it will help.”

Having completed physiotherapy, Elliott said she hopes to sign up for a community aqua-fitness program.

For information on the therapeutic pool for physiotherapy or fitness classes, call 519-637-7171.

Pool Grand ReOpening 2013 013

Guests taking a tour of our facility

Pool Grand ReOpening 2013 021

Walter Gretzky with receptionist MaryLou Bartlett welcome another guest with some delicious Shaw’s ice cream.

Pool Grand ReOpening 2013 015

HEALTH: Shock regenerates tissue and creates new blood vessel growth to aid faster, more effective healing of injured area Shockwave Therapy Patients Extol Pain Relief Benefits

Shockwave therapy patients extol pain relief benefits


Talbot Trail Physiotherapy owner and physiotherapist Chris Streib demonstrates how to use the clinic’s shockwave therapy equipment with the assistance of kinesiologist Erin Shaw. (Nick Lypaczewski, Times-Journal)

Staff at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy are spreading the word about treatments with shocking results.

The clinic, located in St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital, is home to shockwave therapy equipment which can alleviate physical ailments patients have been struggling with for years in less than five sessions.

“It basically gives people who have pretty much tried everything, gives them a chance of getting treatment and you have anywhere from 85 to 93% effectiveness, depending on the condition you’re treating,” Talbot Trail owner and physiotherapist Chris Streib explained.

Shockwave therapy treatment typically spans 12 weeks, with three shockwave sessions in the beginning followed by time for recovery.

An electrical shock of varying intensities is applied to a problem area and regenerates tissue and creates new blood vessel growth to the injured area.

The process allows more oxygen and nutrients into the problem area to facilitate faster and more effective healing.

Metaphorically, Streib compared it to using sandpaper to smooth out a surface and said there are no adverse side- effects, aside from slight soreness if the area being shocked doesn’t have a lot of tissue.

London resident Noor Javeed said she has a food processing job that requires her to be on her feet up to eight hours at a time. She suffered from pain in both feet for about five years, with other treatments only offering temporary relief.

“I felt like crying a lot of the time,” she said of the pain.

After three shockwave therapy sessions, however, Javeed said her pain is almost completely gone.

“I’m just so happy to be back to normal.” she said. “I’m really good. I’m really happy with that.”

STEGH ambulatory nurse Joanne DenHarder said she had her own doubts about shockwave therapy.

“I was a little skeptical at first, thinking how can this help, but I had three treatments and I’ve been well since,” she said.

DenHarder said she suffered from plantar fasciitis and had been limping all last summer.

“It was hard to get up in the morning and hard to walk as the day got on and, being on my feet all day, it was worse.”

“(The pain) was pretty well completely gone after the third treatment. I was a normal, walking person again. ”

The hospital has had the equipment about a year and the Aylmer office has had a shockwave therapy machine since 2006.

Streib, however, said many don’t know the service is available and some think they need to go to Toronto to get such treatments.

For more information on the therapy, the St. Thomas clinic can be reached at 519-637-7171.

Our West Lorne clinic gets a new sign on Graham Road heading into the driveway of our clinic, where Jason and his team are helping patients achieve their maximum level of physical function!!!

West Lorne Sign

Our sign is on the move….now in Aylmer!!!

Yellow Sign - Aylmer

Our sign at 460 Wellington Street wishing everyone seasons greetings


Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Joins In The Fun At The West Lorne Santa Claus Parade

WL - Banner lead

Our team leads with our banner introducing our float

WL - Float2

The West Lorne physio rehabilitation team of Jason Higgins and Stephanie DosSantos get ready to march in the parade

WL - Steph candy

Stephanie stops to meet everyone in the parade

WL - Jason handing candy

Jason and Stephanie and team meeting everyone, including patients, at the parade

WL - Float

WL - Jason w brochure

WL - Steph walking
Steph in lead

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy helps light up the town with our Fantasy of Lights display at Pinafore Park in St.Thomas.


Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Creates Magic At The Aylmer Santa Clause Parade


Our float gets the finishing touches just before hitting the streets for the big parade


Talbot Trail Physiotherapy creates Christmas magic with floating bubbles in our Christmas toy fantasyland.


The Talbot Trail Physiotherapy brigade gets ready to lead our float past the thousands of people lining the streets of Aylmer


Chris Streib and the team making sure every child receives the coveted candy cane.




YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin partnering with Talbot Trail Physiotherapy for Encore Program

The YWCA St. Thomas-Elgin, with help from Talbot Trail Physiotherapy and the Don and Hazel Williams Foundation, is bringing the YWCA Encore program to the area.

The Encore program was established in the early 1980s as an exercise regimen for female breast cancer survivors whose mobilities are negativity affected from the disease or associated surgeries.

“It’s really important for women in our community to have access to this sort of specific physical exercise, especially for women who have experienced breast cancer,” program manager Lindsay Rice says.

“Encore is very specific to women with breast cancer so all of the water-based programming and land-based programming has been medically designed to take into consideration women who have experienced breast cancer at any point in their lives. It might have been four mounts ago or it might have been 14 years ago.”

The exercises help improve mobility and flexibility, fitness, reduce the chances or assist in the management of lymphoedema – fluid retention and swelling which poses a risk of infection – as well as a host of other physical and mental benefits.

There are eights spots available for the first Encore session which runs eight Mondays from Oct. 15 to Dec. 3 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 pm.

The classes are free and held at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy within St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital.

The physiotherapy office is contributing the space and its saltwater therapy pool for the program free of charge. There will be gentle land and water-based exercises akin to yoga as well as open discussions, guest speakers, food and take-home exercises.

Talbot Trail owner and physiotherapist Chris Streib explains some people recovering from breast cancer aren’t referred to followup programs as eliminating the cancer is seen as the sole priority.

“If things don’t heal properly or people aren’t instructed properly on what to do post surgical, then a lot of post-op complications such as frozen shoulder and weakness in the extremities can occur,” he says.

“They don’t know what to do and so I think this really fills that gap and I think it will be a great community service.”

There will be a winter Encore session but no firm date has yet been established for when it will run. For the second run, the program may potentially expand to up to 12 people.

The YWCA is supplying two trained instructors to run the classes and there will also be a lifeguard on site for the pool activities.

Instructor Teresa Wilson raves about the program from what she knows about it in other locations. She explains, not only will participants see physical benefits, but emotional ones as well.

“(The program) enhances their life. It gives them back the mobility that they once had and it’s empowering. It’s encouraging and then they can be comfortable. There’s nothing like the peer support of someone who been around and had (cancer)….I can be empathetic but I can’t truly understand what someones been through,” she notes.

Streib says Talbot Trail has already been buzzing as current clients are excited about the program. He anticipates space to fill quickly and says the majority of the benefit will come from education.

“Even when you’re cancer free and everything’s good and you’ve healed up, there’s still that stigma in your head. There’s the unknown and this only fills that gap so people don’t struggle with that for years or decades afterwards,” he adds.

Registration can be done in person at the YWCA at 16 Mary St. The YWCA can also be reached at 519-631-9800.


Fundraiser a lesson learned for city doctor

A month after returning from an Icelandic trek full of rain, 10 degree Celsius weather, slogs through mud and freezing rivers and infrequent bathroom facilities, rheumatologist Dr. Suzanne Leaf is cherishing the experience.

Leaf was one of 30 people from across Canada who participated in The Arthritis Society’s Joints in Motion Iceland travel adventure.

“It feels good to give back,” she said from her Talbot Trail Physiotherapy office.

“Really, truly my patients have (challenges) every day. They have a challenge and, I mean this from the bottom of my heart, every day they have a challenge and this is nothing for me to do something like this compared to what they do.”

The society organizes Joints in Motion trips throughout the year to destinations around the world. July’s Iceland trip was Leaf’s first time participating but said she wants to do a Costa Rican marathon next year.

The society says that since 1999, Joints in Motion participants – who range from beginners to serious athletes — have raised more than $33 million for arthritis research to benefit 4.6 million Canadians with arthritis as they walk, run and cycle through their destination.

Leaf said she stays physically active but added the about 100 km journey through Iceland’s natural landscape was no easy feat.

“It was not a cakewalk…..If I hadn’t done any training at all, I could have done it but I would have been the slowest one. I would have been in the back of the group and I would have had to stop and rest,” she said.

For the Iceland trip, Leaf raised $11,000 through pledges which came mostly from her own patients. The target for each participant was $8,500.

The doctor was the only physician on the trip which included five arthritis patients who Leaf calls an inspiration.

“Those five people are my heroes,” she said.

“Our human spirit is as strong as we want to it to be and, my heroes, they are as strong as they want to be and that’s probably the biggest thing I got out of it….I got more out of it than I gave to the Arthritis Society.”

Arthritis Society community engagement coordinator Dan Knight told the T-J money raised will go towards research and programs including a chronic pain management workshop.

“It’s really teaching people with arthritis and chronic pain how to self manage their pain,” he explained of the workshop.

Knight knows Leaf outside of their jobs as their families play soccer together.

He added he’s proud of his friend for completing the trek and raising over $2,000 more than the target. He said events like this are good because they allow participants to broaden their own horizons while giving back to the society.

“(Other fundraisers) are in your own city,” he noted.

“You’re still helping raise money but this is where you actually get to explore different destinations in the same kind of thing. You’re asking people to pledge for you and support you but you actually get to physically go somewhere which is great.”

Another Clinic Location Added: Blenheim

We are very pleased to announce the opening of our newest Talbot Trail Physiotherapy clinic in Blenheim, Ontario. The new clinic is located at 110 Talbot Street West, inside the McLauchlin Wellness Centre. The grand opening took place on Thursday, May 31st with visitors, staff, along with special guest Walter Gretzky and other council/town officials were be on hand to welcome everyone. The clinic will be headed by Dave Pflugfelder who will be at the clinic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Opening Photo

The photo shows, (from left to right): Clinic landlord/Physio Mike McLauchlin, Chatham-Kent Councillor Art Stirling, Owner-Craig Adkins, Owner-Chris Streib, Walter Gretzky, Chatham-Kent Councillor Karen Herman and Chatham-Kent Mayor Randy Hope.

The Blenheim location joins our other five locations in St. Thomas (2 locations), Aylmer, Woodstock and West Lorne.

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Joins NHL Alumni All-Star Game

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy was proud to be the supplier of physiotherapy services for the NHL Alumni All-Star Game in St.Thomas on April 27th, 2012.

Joining the game were retired NHL players like Hall of Famer Marcel Dionne, three-time 50-goal scorer Rick Vaive and tough guy Marty McSorley, twice a Stanley Cup winner, as well as Walter Gretzky, ambassador for the game. Younger Gretzky, Brent also joined in the fun. Celebrity referee Dave Hutchison, a hard-nosed defenceman in his playing days, kept all the guys in line.

The NHL Alumni team came to not only battle the Law Enforcement All Stars, but also join forces to raise money for Special Olympics Ontario. It was a night filled with an exciting blend of hockey skill and fun.

Congratulations to all of our Talbot Trail Physiotherapy patients who entered our special draw for tickets to the game by visiting the Talbot Trail Physiotherapy website at

Take a look at some highlights from the night…


Hall of Famer, Marcel Dionne joins the Talbot Trail Physiotherapy team on the way to the locker room


St.Thomas Mayor Heather Jackson spends some time with the Talbot Trail Team behind the bench


The team with Rick Vaive


Marty McSorley stops for some physiotherapy tips


The guys talking strategy on the bench


New treatment for concussions

ST. THOMAS – Anyone who has believes they have suffered a concussion can now get the same level of diagnosis and treatment in St. Thomas as an NHL player.

The best available diagnosis is now available at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy using the Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test (ImPact) strategy.

The ImPact testing system is the same one used to diagnose concussions symptoms by pro sports teams all over North America and around the world.

“An individual can get a concussion by simply jarring their head suddenly or falling on the ground,” said Chris Streib, owner of Talbot Trail Physiotherapy.

Streib said older concussion treatment strategies relied on patients receiving advice from doctors to simply take it easy and rest for a few days after receiving a concussion injury.

“The problem is concussions cannot be diagnosed like a broken arm, or the flu or just about any other medical issue,” Streib said. “It’s that long-term evaluation that’s lacking.”

In many cases, people who suffer concussions recover quickly without complications, Streib said.

“Typically, 80% of concussions are better after two weeks,” he said.

A wait-and-see attitude has been the approached used by most of the medical community in the past, Streib said.

“What we’re doing is educating the public to fill in that gap,” Streib said.

Steib said using the ImPact diagnosis and treatment regimen will allow a new approach.

Two physiotherapists and a chiropractor at Talbot Trail Physiotherapy have been trained how to use ImPact.

Part of the ImPact system involves follow up testing to see how the brain is reacting to the effects of a concussion injury.

“We’ll be looking at issues like attention span, working memory, sustained and elective attention time and non-verbal problem solving,” Streib said.

“If a concussion is not treated properly, you can have side effects for the rest of your life,” he said. “Sometimes we tend to take concussions too lightly.

One of the first groups in the community to take advantage of the procedure were members of the Aylmer Spitfires Junior C hockey club who had players evaluated recently.

Physiotherapy service opens in West Lorne

An injury changed Chris Streib’s life.

Streib is the owner of Talbot Trail Physiotherapy, which had its official grand opening Feb. 3 at the Heritage Community Hub at 146 Munro St., West Lorne. Streib was originally studying to be a teacher at McMaster University, until he practically fell into physiotherapy.

Streib was at McMaster’s studying math, history and phys ed, and phys ed was going to be his primary. He spent five years playing volleyball, and suffered an ankle injury in his fifth year, which is what introduced him to physiotherapy.

“I stepped out on a guy’s foot as I was trying to close the block…I could feel my tibia torque. I thought I was going to break my leg,” said Steib. “All of our team trainers were phyiso’s. That was my first exposure to physiotherapy.”

Steib got hooked on physiotherapy through his love and interest in human anatomy, and decided to start his own physiotherapy business.

Talbot Trail Physiotherapy opened its first clinic in Aylmer in 2002. The business grew with a second location in St. Thomas in 2006, followed by a physiotherapy and musculoskeletal clinic in St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital in 2008. Another clinic in Woodstock was added in 2010. The West Lorne clinic is their latest. “I’m very excited. In the three months that we’ve been here, the support has been great,” said Streib. “I’ve always been a big proponent of getting service into the smaller towns so people aren’t having to drive.”

Talbot Trail offers rehabilitation for conditions including back and neck pain, ankle/foot pain, tennis elbow, muscle pains, sports injuries, vertigo, bracing, and many other conditions.

Walter Gretzky was on hand to share his story of physical rehabilitation following his stoke in 1991. Gretzky spent ten months in the hospital. He recalled standing using the support of two parallel bars, and at first he couldn’t even lift his legs, but could only swivel from side to side.

“Rehab is the reason I am standing here before you today,” said Gretzky. “I had to relearn life. Totally relearn. I didn’t know how to open a door. I didn’t know shoes went on your feet.”

Learn more about Talbot Trail Physiotherapy at

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Canadian Physiotherapy Practice Grows Dramatically After Doing The New Patient Course!

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